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Hi there! I am playing around with your tool and I tried to automatically transcribe a document of mine. Then I exported the document with the txt option and imported again to test out the Text2Image tool.

When importing the txt and images together I get lines in the trascription widget but of course they are not linked in the canvas. I then try to run the Text2Image tool with the default settings.

Unfortunately the output of the tool is an empty transcription. Is it me doing something wrong or there is an underlying issue? I tried with both English Writing M1 as base model and English Writing M2.

I also followed the same procedure with the file "English_Handwriting 0.1", where I get good results.

Best, Tommaso


Answer questions TommasoBendinelli

Might be that the input picture format is playing a part? (Although I find it not probable as the segmentation is being performed correctly on my document )


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