Ask questionsContacts sync setting is inconsistent when you never allow contact access.

During install this dialogue opens:

"Telegram needs access to your contacts so that you can connect with your friends across all your devices. Your contacts will be continuously synced with Telegrams heavily encrypted cloud servers."

Minor issue: I doupt the reason given for accessing and syncing my contacts.

I chose "NOT NOW"

In settings, I found this option enabled: "Sync Contacts"

So "NOT NOW" (just a logical second?!) passed and my contacts are synced against my intent.

This is a severe breach of privacy

Very disappointed.

Syncing contacts (once) must be noted as an anti-feature


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Look into android app permission of Telegram contact access will be disabled here:


Telegram won't even ask for contacts permission if you say 'Not Now', so the the setting in Telegram is entirely irrelevant at that point.

(Yes, it's weird that it defaults to sync on, but this doesn't ultimately matter. :woman_shrugging: )


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