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error: bundling failed: Error: Unable to resolve module `fs` from `<PROJECT>/node_modules/reduce-css-calc/dist/parser.js`: Module `fs` does not exist in the Haste module map

Looks like tailwind 1.1.0 started depending on reduce-css-calc, which assumes node & depends on fs

Edit: Confirmed that this happens on a freshly-generated "blank" project from expo-cli (both typescript and javascript). Let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist with reproducing.

So.. what should be done here? I've run into some unrelated problems with require()ing the tailwind config at build-time.. like when shipping Electrode Native "miniapps" -- the path assumption of ../../../tailwind.config doesn't work in those novel cases. I simply maintain a hardcoded patched versions for those.. not saying the library needs to adjust around these usecases.

But is there value to "precompiling" the tailwind stylesheet? Could be one approach to deal with these assumptions inside the tailwindcss library..


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Thank you very much you are a hero. I didn't have time the last few weeks so thank you for being on top of it. I will tag a release to revert tailwind back to a working version and when it is fixed I will upgrade ones again.


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