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edit: hijacking this post to say that I've generalised this request. here's a list of formats that have been mentioned, below that is the original request. --yoshi

ext system emu
.brm Sega CD ?
.fla N64 OpenEmu

Could anyone add a way to read or to convert Sega CD .brm files from other emulators into the format Bizhawk uses?

.brm sizes are 8KB, 16KB, 32KB, and 64KB, but Bizhawk's SaveRAM is 24KB and I haven't found a way to be able to convert it, or to even reduce the KB size to see if that way it would "match" with the .brm sizes. Renaming them like how I could do with Saturn or Playstation save files doesn't work here.

So hopefully someone is able to add this option in the future.



Answer questions ReyVGM

I think the "problem" here is that Bizhaw's SaveRAM is combining both the internal memory RAM (8KB) with the external memory ram (16KB) into one 24KB package, meanwhile, .brm files are either internal memory or external, but not both.


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