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This is only happening on Stage 46 in both GBHawk and Gambatte. Savestates also attached

Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (Japan) 2019-08-27 06 33 14

Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (Japan) SHA1:FEA367A2FC321DAEAE59746EE2CB7FFAFD51479A MD5:24186CB8EF3210C00B9C227C71B9DB73

Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (Japan) Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (Japan)


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The exact same bug in two entirely different emulators in a late level in an obscure game is more likely a bug in the game.

Closing, until evidence there's a real bug.

In the future, provide savestates IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the scene in question, so that the scene loading can be debugged. These savestates would not be useful for debugging this problem.

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