Ask questionsN64 Texture Enhancement crashes EmuHawk with GlideN64

Hello there, first of all I apologies if this is the wrong place to report the issue, I know it probably is and I'm sorry in advance, and btw I'm quite new to BizHawk and all the coding stuff in general (this is my first post on github).

Okay, to make everything clear, I use BizHawk in the only purpose to playback and record my TAS movies done previously on Mupen 0.5. And GlideN64 is the only video plugin I want, because it's the only one who doesn't look disgusting. 1 As you can see other video plugins have that weird straight line underneath the HUD 2 GlideN64 here doesn't have that, and look amazing. And here is the texture enhancement HQ4x with sharp filtering 2 (on Mupen cause EmuHawk crashes 3 Even if it doesn't look that good on HUD, the game in general is beautiful with this texture enhancement.

My issue is that when putting a Texture Enhancement in GlideN64 on EmuHawk it literally crashes, all of them. It does the same of the Sharp & Smooth filtering. If someone can help me figure how to fix this it could be awesome.

By the way I have another issue with GlideN64 4 I have a weird black line on the right of the game, I've tried other resolution but it's still here.


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If you got it working, could you post a screenshot of the GlideN plugin settings in case someone else has the same problem?


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