Ask questions[N64] Ocarina of Time Glitched Subscreen / Inventory

What we know:

  • This bug affects unmodded roms and not romhacks simply because they have different SHA1 checksums. There's nothing special about the roms' contents.
  • Normally, game-specific emulation hacks are enabled by flags in the gamedb, but there are some baked into the copy of Mupen64Plus' core distributed with BizHawk.
  • We can't recompile the core right now.
  • @steventylerseanherr has (unwittingly?) provided a workaround: change the file slightly with a hex editor.

Original bug report follows.

The inventory screen is glitched for OOT such that when using GlideN64, the inventory screen is always white and when using Glide64mk2 it looks very broken. I suspect it has something to do with some sort of hard-coded Subscreen Delay Fix conflicting with the graphics plugins' framebuffer emulation since the inventory works fine in OOT Randomizer which isn't recognized as OOT and thus the delay fix isn't applied to it.

GlideN64 OOT oot gliden64

Glide64mk2 OOT oot glidemk2

GlideN64 OOT Randomizer oot rando gliden64


Answer questions Nicholas-Steel

I was going to report this too, lucky I searched first. My own observation is it's some GlideN64 configuration being loaded from a internal database for recognized ROM's and there's no way in the Bizhawk UI to override the behaviour.

I think the plugin lets you override game specific configurations if you use the plugin's UI instead of whatever Bizhawk does for a UI. At least in PJ64 I believe you can override GlideN64's game database when configuring the plugin (and you get tooltips for all the options too!).

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