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When trying to use the TestCommunication_All.lua (with the Python server running in the background), I get the following errors when it runs the socket commands comm.socketServerScreenShot() and comm.socketServerScreenShotResponse() (the HTTP and memory mapped file commands worked as expected). This happens with both LUA engines, and on both the current stable build and the latest dev build (a5eca362c). I'm using the latest version of Windows 10 for my testing.

NLua.Exceptions.LuaScriptException: KopiLua.LuaNativeFunction

NLua.Exceptions.LuaException: unprotected error in call to Lua API (0) at NLua.Lua.PanicCallback(IntPtr luaState) at lua_error(lua_State* ) at NLua.ObjectTranslator.throwError(IntPtr luaState, Object e) at NLua.Lua.SetPendingException(Exception e) at luaState) at NLua.MetaFunctions.runFunctionDelegate(IntPtr luaState) at lua_resume(lua_State* , Int32 ) at BizHawk.Client.EmuHawk.EmuLuaLibrary.ResumeScript(Lua script) at BizHawk.Client.EmuHawk.LuaConsole.<>c__DisplayClass55_0.<ResumeScripts>b__1() at BizHawk.Client.Common.LuaSandbox.Sandbox(Action callback, Action exceptionCallback)


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Oh great!

I e-mailed you regarding the Windows binaries too. Thank you!


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