Ask questionsgetDataValue and setDataValue does not exist

Versions <!-- Please let us know which sequelize, sequelize-typescript and typescript version are you using -->

  • sequelize: 5.9.3
  • sequelize-typescript: 1.0.0-beta.3
  • @types/sequelize: 4.28.3
  • typescript 3.5.2

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Actual behavior:

    type: DataType.STRING,
    get(): number[] {
        return this.getDataValue("results").split(",") as number[];
    set(val: number[]): void {
        this.setDataValue("results", val.join(","));
public results: number[];

Typescript say

Property 'getDataValue' does not exist on type 'Partial<ModelAttributeColumnOptions>'.
Property 'setDataValue' does not exist on type 'Partial<ModelAttributeColumnOptions>'.

Answer questions fjodor-rybakov

@fjodor-rybakov Thanks for sharing. Seems to be an issue with the types. I don't know why they assume the same type for the dataValues and what the getters return and the setters get passed in. (You could open an issue for that on So for now you can only fix this by using as any:

(this.getDataValue("results") as any).split(",");
this.setDataValue("results", value.join(",") as any);

or you could use the JSON data type and store the number array as it is:

    results(): number[];

Oh, thanks! Use JSON type was better

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