Ask not in namespace (since 6.0)

After updating to the newest version of rdflib I started to have the following error whenever I use

AttributeError: term 'li' not in namespace ''

I see that is not defined in 22-rdf-syntax-ns, but is part of RDF.

There is an rdf:li special property element that is equivalent to rdf:_1, rdf:_2 in order, explained in detail in section 7.4. The mapping to the container membership properties is always done in the order that the rdf:li special property elements appear in XML — the document order is significant. The equivalent RDF/XML to Example 17 written in this form is shown in Example 18.

Note that RDF/XML uses li as a convenience element to avoid having to explicitly number each member. The li element assigns the properties _1, _2, and so on as necessary. The element name li was chosen to be mnemonic with the term "list item" from HTML.


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We had a similar issue with xsd #1364 . I assume it is due to the changes to the namespace handling in #1074. Could you try to add it to the respective namespace file and provide a pull-request?


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