Ask questionsFrom mail ticket creation, computed partner_id is not always the best choice

Minor bug.

When creating a ticket by sending a mail (fetchmail), the partner_id is the first one found with matching mail address.

However it could be nicer to try to match a partner_id which is an helpdesk user if many matching mails are found.

See in code helpdesk_mgmt / models /, def message_new ()


Answer questions gdgellatly

@luffah This is as resolved as it is going to get after 1 year. The behaviour is pretty standard Odoo, however if you feel it needs documentation, please feel free to make a PR.

I think there is also a requirement for an option, potentially at team level or globally to autosubscribe partners to helpdesk tickets, this question comes up quite a bit, there is a duplicate issue #159 for your sub issue so I close this one. I will probably write the change anyway as I want autosubscribe.

Thanks for raising.


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