Ask questionsNix single user install on Linux wants 'nixbld' group and workers, else - it fails

@edolstra Setting-up with installer Nix in single-user (the default) mode on Linux crashes into error. Script inside runs the nix-store --init and nix-store --init throws:

warning: the group ‘nixbld’ specified in ‘build-users-group’ does not exist
warning: the group ‘nixbld’ specified in ‘build-users-group’ does not exist

nix-env -i /nix/store/xrqssm90gsrnqdn79rpfcs6dwx8597d2-nix-1.11.14 throws:

warning: the group ‘nixbld’ specified in ‘build-users-group’ does not exist
installing ‘nix-1.11.14’
building path(s) ‘/nix/store/gbvx4dcw6ibps16dx4wy4dxp3vf4i204-user-environment’
error: the group ‘nixbld’ specified in ‘build-users-group’ does not exist

And returns Exit code.

But that groups and workers are requirement of multi-user mode according to the documentation.

Reason probably in this block:

Please, look into it.

There are 4 bug reports regarding this error: 2016-01-13. #936 Install Nix as root 2016-03-13. #879 homepage instructions only work without build-user-group 2015-11-13. #697 how to correctly install Nix on Arch Linux 2015-11-10. #692 Installation in alternate directory fails

Workarounds people use are straight-forward.

Create 'nixbld' by hand.

Or as @mboes mentioned:

echo "build-users-group =" > /etc/nix/nix.conf

After workaround addgroup nixbld:

building path(s) ‘/nix/store/gbvx4dcw6ibps16dx4wy4dxp3vf4i204-user-environment’
error: the build users group ‘nixbld’ has no members

It still goes the 'multi-user' way. and expects workers.

As workarounds are simple, and there are 4 bugreports already - most people find that bugrepots, so not file new, and if person decide to proceed official install - they need to use mentioned workarounds at the moment.

It happens on any clean Linux distro. Myself I reproduce it with 100% on Ubuntu and Arch Linux and Alpine Linux.


Answer questions zimbatm

the workaround I have seen is to (simplified):

  • create a temporary user with sudo access
  • install nix under that user
  • delete the user
  • configure the root account with the nix profile
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