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I currently have a windows 10 system that I am trying to register for a self-hosted environment. I am able to install VS Code fine along with the online plugin. I am able to authenticate into Azure where it sees my subscription, etc.

I get to the point where it asks for the folder to use for a workspace, it then asks for the name for the environment, and then how it should install (as a service or as a process). Regardless if I click on the service or process, I am never able to get past this step. I continually get the following error message:

"Register Self-hosted Environment: (Error 1) Error calling HTTP POST at '' ErrorCode : Unauthorized"

I am able to successfully login with the Azure functions plugin, etc. and I am able to push code through VS Code to azure functions, so it isn't a matter of me giving the incorrect credentials. Any help please? If you need any additional information on my end, just let me know what else I can provide.


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@taiyosogawa Lol no I was just very lucky in that I tried to create a self hosted environment, couldn't and saw this issue posted about 2 hours before I experienced it. After the quick workaround fix I was able to create environments again!

Will look out for the fix next week and post the results!


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