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Let's say I would like to use static assets (such as text files, png's, etc) in a node app on Android. I noticed we have service.getProcess().exposeHostDirectory, and it feels like this would be a good way to expose a folder containing the static assets, but it's unclear where such a folder should go.

Android also gives us context.getAssets(), but it seems that Android bundles their static assets in a way that's incompatible with the more traditional file directory structure model expected by node.

Is serving static assets a supported scenario in LiquidCore?


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I'm afraid that assets won't be accessible through the filesystem. IIRC, android stores them in some binary (zip?) format. You can only get access to them through context.getAssets().open(), which provides a read stream. Thus they are not part of the filesystem, per se, so they won't be accessible using fs operations. This is a good feature request, though. I can see creating an API method that calls back to Android to get stream access to an Android asset.


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