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Hi guys, I use LiquidCore (Node.js virtual machine) inside my Android App (java). And I'm trying to use openpgp.js under Node. But it doesn't work. The problem is described in more detail here

How to convince LiquidCore build system to treat openpgp.js as an external dependency and require openpgp.js at runtime, instead of at build time?

Unfortunately I could not get openpgp.js outside of the bundle (as an external dependency) during apk building in Android Studio. And the file "metro.config.js" with "...blacklistRE: blacklist([/dist/.*/]" and other options didn't help me.

Thanks a lot


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Hi @ArtemisKS The issue is not yet resolved. I found the problem that was causing crypto to fail (TypedArray.for() and TypedArray.of() were not polyfilled properly). But once I fixed that, a memory error or buffer overrun of some sort is occurring causing the process to crash. It is very difficult to pin down the cause because it is not deterministic.

I am still working on it, but I can't give a timeframe at the moment because I don't know the root cause yet. Also, LiquidCore is a passion project for me, but not my day job, so I only have limited windows of time to devote to it.


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