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This is just for your information, I tried to incorporate V8 Inspector in different project using your source code, I found that pre built libraries do not have inspector related code leading to "Unimplimented code" fatal errors.

Inspector does start, and communication protocol is established. However, compiling and invoking script fails in debugger console.

I didn't make any changes in your code, I just added Inspector related code and since I only wanted V8, I commented all node related cpp files and left the ICU related includes as it is in CMakeList.

Is there anyway these prebuild libraries can include inspector?


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Are you sure this is the issue?

From android-configure:

    ./configure \
        --dest-cpu=$DEST_CPU \
        --dest-os=android \
        --with-intl=small-icu \
        --openssl-no-asm \
        --cross-compiling \
        --with-snapshot \


def configure_inspector(o):
  disable_inspector = (options.without_inspector or
                       options.with_intl in (None, 'none') or
  o['variables']['v8_enable_inspector'] = 0 if disable_inspector else 1

So, theoretically, the inspector has not been disabled in the build. It should only be disabled if ICU or SSL have been disabled, or if --without-inspector was explicitly specified. None of these should be the case.


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