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I understand the idea of sandboxing file system access, but I'm working on a project where I fully trust the script I'm running inside LiquidCore and the virtual file system makes things quite difficult for me, i.e. I need to constantly map between paths of the environment and my script.

I would highly welcome an option to allow full access to the hosts file system. If there already is such an option, I'm afraid I haven't found it.


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Hi @Znerole - I have added this functionality which will get pushed with the next release.

Android Example

  android.content.Context context = ...;
  MicroService service = ...;

  final String dir = context.getFilesDir().getAbsolutePath();
  service.getProcess().exposeHostDirectory(dir, Process.kMediaAccessPermissionsRW);

Assuming dir is something like /data/data/0/, this directory will now be available to the micro service:

  const fs = require('fs')
  let content = String(fs.readFileSync('/data/data/0/'))

iOS Example

  service.process.exposeHostDirectory(NSHomeDirectory(), mediaAccessMask:PermissionsRW)

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