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When I started there was no other, easy option to leverage the benefits from the IDEA inspections.

My colleague just pointed me toward this project and as an author of the nuts and bolts solution I'm very interested in this plugin.

I have yet not thrown a deep look into this plugin, but I assume that there might be a few concepts and learning from idea-cli-inspector which might be beneficial for this project, too.

A rough idea of how my script works might give the .ideainspect configuration file.

Things I still have no good solution to are:

  • Improve analysis speed, major by ** Proper scope to excluded all the unwanted stuff ** Re-using the IDEA index (while actually have to delete it because it gets broken/delivers wrong results on re-analysing the same code base over and over again
  • Proper Container/Docker Support
  • Supporting UE featureset
  • Update & Installing plugins (for correct/extended analysis support). Currently I'm doing this my manually installing/maintaining/injecting the proper ~/.IntelliJIdea201xx.x/config/ parts into the installation

I'd be very interested in the scope of this project: Can anybody give me a rought outline over the scope, plans, roadmap and priority of this plugin?


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@dzwicker Thanks. Upvoted: At least it seems you were able to provide a starting pointer and some assumption. For me it's more or less: "In some constellations it mostly fails, in other it mostly works for unknown reasons".


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