Ask questionsVersion flag not persisting with the referenced executable

<!-- Please search existing issues to avoid creating duplicates. --> When using the new Version flag, this is not being persisted to the dotnet command (I'm not sure why this wasn't in the PR). You can bypass this by using electronize build /target win /Version 2.0.13 /p:Version=2.0.13 /p:ProductVersion=2.0.13 however, this should not have to be the case.

<!-- Which version of Electron.NET CLI and API are you using? --> <!-- Please always try to use latest version before report. -->

  • Version: 13.5.1

<!-- Which version of .NET Core and Node.js are you using (if applicable)? -->

<!-- What target are you building for? -->

  • Target: Windows

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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. use the /Version flag when building the electronize build command

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