Ask questionsUncaught Exception: A Javascript error occurred in the main process in (version 11.5.1)


ElectronNET.API version - .NET 5 NodeJS version - v12.16.3 Blazor Serverside project is running using the ElectronNET framework.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Packaged the application using the ElectronNET.CLI (ElectronNET.CLI Version:
  2. Installed the application in Win 7 OS PC (Remote dekstop)
  3. Application is running successfully after installation.
  4. Close remote session by leave the application running for some time like 1 day.
  5. Connect to the remote desktop and perform an action in the application which gets the GetContentSizeAsync() to get the size of the content from the BrowserWindow instance.
  6. Unhandled Exception: A Javascript error occurred in the main process. After this application goes to non-responsive mode.
  7. Attached the screenshot for reference. image

Please let me know if there is any fix or workaround for the issue. Any help?

Thanks, Ram.


Answer questions GregorBiswanger

And please use the latest version of Electron.NET + Electron.NET CLI! (Version 13.5.1)

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