Ask questionsAny interest or suggestion on data parity?

I'm searching for a backup tool with recovery record support (like in RAR). This is not critical in cloud storage, but very useful for storage offline in external hard drive or other media. Currently the only solution I found for incremental back up with recovery record support is DAR with the help of PAR2, which is kind of overkill for daily files backup, and it's not designed for cloud storage.

Do you think it's a good idea to integrate parity in BlobBackup? It's both good for offline storage, and also fixing file error during internet transmission. If not, I wonder is there any other backup tool supporting data parity?


Answer questions bimbashrestha

Hey, thanks for posting an issue!

I'm not sure I completely understand how it could be implemented into a solution like BlobBackup. Did you have a specific approach in mind?


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