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When I use this Rollup plugin with no .env file I get this error in Rollup output:

TypeError: functionValues[match[1]] is not a function

PS: this issue has been talked about here:


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Thanks for your quick reply. Well, I've tried to do a minimal repo but did not achieve to. I've got a repo with a small frontend application here that shows the problem, but I feel sorry not being able to reduce it to a minimal proof of concept, so I now have a doubt that the issue comes from rollup-plugin-dotenv.

Anyway here are the steps to reproduce:

git clone
cd francilin-carto
npm install
npm run build:app

Note that there is a .env.example that should be copied to .env, but let's not do it to show the problem.

The output is:

> francilin-carto@0.0.1 build:app /home/cbenz/Dev/francilin/francilin-carto
> rollup -c

src/main.js → public/build/bundle.js...
[!] (plugin dotenv) TypeError: functionValues[match[1]] is not a function
TypeError: functionValues[match[1]] is not a function
    at Object.transform (/home/cbenz/Dev/francilin/francilin-carto/node_modules/rollup-plugin-replace/dist/rollup-plugin-replace.cjs.js:75:50)
    at /home/cbenz/Dev/francilin/francilin-carto/node_modules/rollup/dist/shared/node-entry.js:13117:25

I tried to do ndb npm run build:app but it did not help me to dive into the stack trace.

Feel free to close the issue if you think it's related to my setup rather than rollup-plugin-dotenv.


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