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I'm having this issue too. Facebook locked my account twice in a week. I'm quite certain I wasn't phished. I haven't even used Facebook outside of Frost.

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@AllanWang Hi Allan and everyone.

I was here when this problem last occurred - for me the previous problem was because I regularly logged in on FB through my desktop and ignored the Frost warning that an unknown device logged in and to confirm that it was myself who accessed my account. I will share what I have been doing in my case to prevent this issue but it may not be applicable to everyone.

Since the last Frost update that was issued a while ago to fix the previous account locking issue, right now I have not had a problem with my account being locked by doing the following regularly every time I login on desktop and not Frost on my phone:

  1. Login in to Facebook for desktop whenever you need to or want to
  2. Go to Frost - you will see a notification saying there was a sign-in on an unauthorized or unknown device
  3. Verify this was you and confirm you were logging in
  4. Select forget browser

It is a bit of a pain, but for me no problems so far. Will update if I get the locked warning as well!


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