Ask questionsRedirecting back to own profile when tapping friend's profile in the search box

  • [x] I have verified that the bug does not occur in my mobile browser (at

Describe the bug

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Go to '...'
  2. Click on '....'
  3. Scroll down to '....'
  4. See error

Details (please provide at least the app version):

  • App Version: 2.4.5
  • Device: Nokia 8.1
  • Android Version: 10

Answer questions GibberMeJenks

It's only happened about twice - one time when I was searching for a friend, and the other when I searched for a friend to add.

I tried testing this just now and searched both friends and random people and clicked on profiles to recreate, but it works fine. However, I did find one profile (herein John Doe) that consistently has this error, everyone else i searched had no issues.

John Doe shares the same first letter in their first and last name as me. I then tried searching a random name with the same first/last letter as my first/last name but there was also no issue oddly enough - it was only their specific profile where it redirects back to mine after searching their name and clicking their profile.

Also did a search for the exact name as John Doe but a different individual - again, no error.


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