Ask questions2.4.5 Update - Newly implemented expanding messaging text box not functioning

Hi @AllanWang! This is a continuation of #1655.

First off, thank you for the update to 2.4.5! I was very excited to see the expanding text box function added in. However, when sending a message today I noticed the text box did not expand (this is when responding or initiating a message to someone from an existing conversation string):

Text box not expanding

Is this a bug? The size of the text box when composing a new message to someone you never messaged before however, looks great:

new message larger text box

Not sure if it would be possible to make the text box the same size within an existing conversation as the one when composing a new message if the expanding doesn't work.

Thanks again for the hard work, and stay safe during this time! Let me know if you need more info!


Answer questions GibberMeJenks

Hi @AllanWang. When you create a new post (aka the 'what's on your mind' text box), the text box expands as you type and works perfectly:

Create new post - text box expands

It seems other areas like messaging, newsfeed, and commenting does not work and keeps the same size text box in my earlier posts.


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