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Just like the title says. One example is when I send a message on the desktop, Frost on my mobile device will notify me of my own message.

Also received messages will sometimes generate additional notifications even after they're read.

Thank you.


Answer questions GibberMeJenks

@gothmog123 @AllanWang when you use facebook in your desktop, do you have a filter in adblock that blocks the script when you read someone's message? For example, when you read someone's message the filter does not send to the sender the 'seen' notification indicating that you read their message.

I have this filter activated in my desktop for Facebook and it contributes to your problem since when you're on Frost it thinks you haven't read the message and subsequent messages hence the 'false' notification.

This never bothered me too much so I never reported it but if you have this filter to block facebook from sending the message 'seen' notification to your friends after reading their message, it is one of the causes for this issue.


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