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I'm using vue js 2. I have a main file with this code:

 import Vue from 'vue'
 import App from './App.vue'
 import router from './router'

const Store = require('secure-webstore').Store

const store = new Store('user_data', 'lachiquichiqui89')

store.init().then(() => {
  // store is ready

Vue.prototype.$store = store

new Vue({
  render: h => h(App)

This is working fine...I already store some data in indexeddb....but when I refresh the page, I think maybe the instance is lost, because I'm getting this error trying to get the store object inside a component:

Error: Master key not initialized
at Store.get key [as key] (secure-webstore.js?ee28:31)
at Store.eval (secure-webstore.js?ee28:87)
at (<anonymous>)
at fulfilled (secure-webstore.js?ee28:4)

And data it's ok!!, so I don't know how to solve it...please help! cap


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@deiu Solved!!...I just add a setTimeOut function and wait by 2 seconds...and now it's working...However would be nice if this kind of issues could be considered at next release. Thanks for your time and help!!


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