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hi, its me again. i managed to install and make it work. its awesome but now i have a problem. i cant make work the itnernationalization of timeUtilis.

import { internationalize } from 'timeUtils';
import { formatDate } from 'timeUtils';

  daysOfWeek: [
  monthsOfYear: [

it changes in the chosen date of the button but not in the calendar. Thank you.


Answer questions pzmarzly

43de4fea3bd9d593cd5ffd6856a202d03e5bbb88 added weekStart parameter. Thanks a lot for that.

<Datepicker weekStart=1 /> does not seem to work (due to type mismatch in date.getDay() !== weekStart). <Datepicker weekStart={1} /> works, but I'm not sure whether it is the way that parameter was meant to be supplied. I don't mind if it was, though.


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