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Isac isacjunior Uberlândia - Brazil Software Engineer and Facebook Community Lead.

isacjunior/doc_widget 38

An easier way that documents your widgets.

isacjunior/darevit-react-style 13

Darevit React/javascript Style Guide

isacjunior/i18n 10

Simple example the how to internacionalize your react-native application

isacjunior/flutter_packages 2

Simple example how to use packages dart to your project Flutter

isacjunior/flutter_swapi 2

Simple example using provider and dio to request user in Swapi API.

isacjunior/flutter_ifood 1

Interface do aplicativo Ifood feita com Flutter

isacjunior/apollo-link-rest 0

Use existing REST endpoints with GraphQL

isacjunior/babel-upgrade 0

⬆️ A tool for upgrading Babel versions (to v7): `npx babel-upgrade`

issue commentaleksanderwozniak/table_calendar

hide the button (week / month / 2week)

// Format of the Calendar, you can use week, month or twoWeeks.
calendarFormat: CalendarFormat.week,
// Hide format button
headerStyle: HeaderStyle(formatButtonVisible: false),

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commit sha 968b97de632471140cd1ec610bae93d1491bbc29

removed implicit dynamic locale

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branch : ijunior/dynamic-locale

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Highly customizable, feature-packed calendar widget for Flutter

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