Dominik Bartholdi imod Switzerland

imod/backend-jenkins-plugin-info-plugin 1

Jenkins backend: jenkins-plugin-info-plugin

imod/backend-update-center2 1

Update center backend

imod/conditional-buildstep-plugin 1

a jenkins plugin which allows to contol the step execution by conditions

imod/cuke4duke 1

Cucumber support for the JVM: Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Ioke, Javascript, Spring, Guice, PicoContainer, WebDriver, Ant and Maven

imod/depgraph-view-plugin 1

A Jenkins plugin to view the dependency graph

imod/access-modifier 0

Enforce access restrictions to deprecated code

imod/archetypes 0

Collection of Maven archetypes to get developers started

issue commentpulumi/pulumi-azure-native

Circular dependency between WebAppHostNameBinding and Certificate

@markodjukic I see where you'r going with this and yes, this might actually work - but as you say this is also a workaround and I just hope we get a better, proper solution to this any time soon.


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issue commentdocker/compose

Execute a command after run

@superswan not sure (and also never tried), but is this working for you:


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