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Jay Patel imjaypatel12 Visa Bay Area, CA Sr Software Engineer

imjaypatel12/ds-uci-human-activity-tracker 1

Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphones Dataset

imjaypatel12/haskell 1

Just some haskell practice code space

imjaypatel12/pylog 1

pylog: an implementation of Prolog features in Python

imjaypatel12/covid19india-react 0

Source code of main website

imjaypatel12/CS4220 0

Spring 2018 - CS4220 - Application Development with Node.js & Vue.js

imjaypatel12/fastai 0

The fastai deep learning library, plus lessons and tutorials

imjaypatel12/image-processor 0

Image compression/conversion implementations in Java

created repositorycysun/UmiBook

created time in 3 months