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[OBSOLETE] Fix the bugs of the .ics output of Turku University of Applied Sciences' schedule system

ilmaisin/bsync 0

Bidirectional Synchronization using Rsync

ilmaisin/configs 0

all config files that I use/used

ilmaisin/cupsmailprinter 0

This is an upcoming email printer driver for CUPS.

ilmaisin/lounge 0

The Lounge — Self-hosted web IRC client

ilmaisin/omemo-top 0

Tracking the Progress of OMEMO Integration in various clients

ilmaisin/openstreetmap-website 0

The Rails application that powers OpenStreetMap

ilmaisin/QGnomePlatform 0

QPlatformTheme for a better Qt application inclusion in GNOME

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WIP: Update NLSFI license

There are some things that would need to be done before this can progress.

Sadly, I am not very comfortable with contributing to OSM until this legal mess is sorted out.


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Update index.html

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issue commentvector-im/element-web

"Encryption Upgrade Available" never goes away even after following instructions

This is very bad UX. What those "upgrades" that "encryption" supposedly needs even are?


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issue commentmatrix-org/matrix-doc

Login with a phone number

Matrix indeed might benefit from a counterpart of Quicksy. It would reduce the barrier of entry for nontechnical users. Currently, many people will likely either use a weak password or opt to not use Matrix at all.

Is there any appropriate place for this kind of requests?


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issue commentxkbcommon/libxkbcommon

Pluggable layout support

So, the next step will be to make GNOME and other desktop environments to use libxkbregistry, like this?

By the way, is there a risk of systemd somehow misbehaving on systems that have only one user, and that user has sudo permissions? In such cases, the per-user locale and keyboard settings are applied system-wide, IIRC.


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issue openedflathub/org.libreoffice.LibreOffice

Add Voikko for Finnish spell check

Could this flatpak be made to include the Voikko Finnish spell check tool?

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