igniteflow/django-portfolio 5

A simple blueprint for a portfolio site. Provides abstract models to be extended and customised as required.

dannymilsom/poolbot-server 4

Persistent storage and an API for the poolbot slack client

igniteflow/codebase-python-api-client 4

Unofficial CodeBase Python API client wrapper

igniteflow/connect4x3 3

Connnect 4 game for London Python Dojo

igniteflow/algorithms 2

Various learnings and experiments

igniteflow/jenkins-vagrant 2

A Vagrantfile, shell provisioners and a Makefile to automate the creation of a Jenkins instance on a VM

igniteflow/Date-Conversions 1

A class from an old project which might be useful if you need to measure time. Apologies for the code, a bit messy in places as was when I was learning OOP..

igniteflow/django-openkm 1

A Python client library for interaction with the OpenKM web services API

igniteflow/eliza 1

London Python Dojo Season 2 Finale, Eliza chatbot

igniteflow/iOS-boilerplate 1

iOS-app template with lots of common tasks solved