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huihut huihut Guangzhou, China Independent developer | Maintainer of @avamoe

huihut/interview 20491

📚 C/C++ 技术面试基础知识总结,包括语言、程序库、数据结构、算法、系统、网络、链接装载库等知识及面试经验、招聘、内推等信息。This repository is a summary of the basic knowledge of recruiting job seekers and beginners in the direction of C/C++ technology, including language, program library, data structure, algorithm, system, network, link loading library, interview experience, recruitment, recommendation, etc.

huihut/CS-Books 2850

📚 Computer Science Books 计算机技术类书籍 PDF

huihut/Facemoji 345

😆 A voice chatbot that can imitate your expression. OpenCV+Dlib+Live2D+Moments Recorder+Turing Robot+Iflytek IAT+Iflytek TTS

huihut/awesome-oneplus-3t 41

一加 3T ROM、内核(Kernel)、固件(Firmware)、Recovery、框架(Framework)、软件(APP)

huihut/awesome-google-pixel-4 28

Google Pixel 4/4XL ROM、Recovery、Framework、APP、搞机笔记,以备茶余饭后手贱刷机之用。

avamoe/Avalive 27

😻 A avatar role-playing software developed for VTuber, VUper, anchor, video animator, etc.

huihut/1024Spiders 21

🔞 [FBI WARNING] Some 1024 spiders, crawl xp1024 porn information and magnet-links and insert them into the database.

huihut/CloudCompare-Qt 19

☁️ 基于CloudCompare官方源码构建的第三方Qt工程,直接可用Qt打开,修改好你的.pro文件库路径即可运行,无需Visual Studio,支持Windows、MacOS、Linux。

huihut/Hackintosh-Z370 19

Hackintosh(黑苹果) High Sierra for GIGABYTE Z370 HD3P + i7-8700K + GTX1080

huihut/FaceLogin 14

:man: 使用 OpenCV 和 Qt 实现人脸(刷脸)登录


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