hpandeycodeit/incubator-madlib 1

Mirror of Apache MADlib (Incubating)

hpandeycodeit/agones 0

Dedicated Game Server Hosting and Scaling for Multiplayer Games on Kubernetes

hpandeycodeit/application-services 0

Firefox Application Services

hpandeycodeit/azure-cli 0

Command-line tools for Azure.

hpandeycodeit/buildkit 0

concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit

hpandeycodeit/cluster-api 0

Home for the Cluster Management API work, a subproject of sig-cluster-lifecycle

hpandeycodeit/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 0

Cluster API Bootstrap Provider Kubeadm: giving your cluster API clusters a kubeadm kick

hpandeycodeit/community 0

Kubernetes community content

hpandeycodeit/controller-runtime 0

Repo for the controller-runtime subproject of kubebuilder (sig-apimachinery)

created repositoryliggitt/kubectl-verify-gc

created time in 4 days

created repositorymattmoor/cloudevents-nodejs-fn

Playground for authoring CloudEvents functions in nodejs

created time in 4 days

created repositorymattmoor/http-go-fn

A buildpack for wrapping Go http.HandlerFunc functions with a `package main`

created time in 4 days

created repositorymattmoor/mink-apply-go

This is a repository to demonstrate the "apply" capabilities of

created time in 8 days

fork mattmoor/go-build

A Cloud Native Buildpack for compiling Go applications

fork in 9 days

created repositorymattmoor/cloudevents-go-fn

Playground for authoring CloudEvents functions in golang

created time in 10 days

created repositorymattmoor/hello-dependencies

Demonstrate a buildpack with a dependency

created time in 11 days


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fork janetkuo/memorials

🕯️💐CNCF Community Memorials

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created repositorymattmoor/hello-buildpacks

Playing around with writing my own buildpack

created time in 15 days

fork liggitt/kubetest2

Kubetest2 is the framework for launching and running end-to-end tests on Kubernetes.

fork in 15 days

fork mengqiy/kpt-functions-catalog

Kpt (pronounced "kept") is an OSS tool for building declarative workflows on top of resource configuration. This catalog contains configuration functions to fetch, display, customize, update, validate, and apply Kubernetes configuration.

fork in 15 days

fork mattmoor/functions-framework-nodejs

FaaS (Function as a service) framework for writing portable Node.js functions

fork in 17 days


fork mistercrunch/chevron

A Python3 implementation of mustache

fork in 19 days

fork sebgoa/community

Knative governance and community material.

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created repositorymattmoor/mink-apply-sample

This is a repository to demonstrate the "apply" capabilities of

created time in 22 days

fork michelleN/memorials

🕯️💐CNCF Community Memorials

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created repositorykubernetes/noderesourcetopology-api

NodeResourceTopology API enables Topology aware scheduling in kubernetes.

created time in 25 days


fork nikhita/govalidator

[Go] Package of validators and sanitizers for strings, numerics, slices and structs

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fork mattmoor/eventing-autoscaler-keda

KEDA support for Knative Event Sources Autoscaling

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fork mattmoor/eventing-camel

Apache Camel integration with Knative Eventing.

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