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Hailey Martin hlmartin @sendle Australia devops witch

hlmartin/advent-of-code-2019 0

hlmartin/Chocolatey-Packages 0

Some packages that can be installed via

hlmartin/devbox 0

Get a development environment up without the hassle.

hlmartin/docker-http-https-echo 0

Docker image that echoes request data as JSON; listens on HTTP/S, useful for debugging.

hlmartin/dotfiles 0

configs and all that jazz

hlmartin/ecr-buildkite-plugin 0

Interact with Amazon's Elastic Container Registry with Buildkite

hlmartin/homebrew 0

Homebrew JSONs compatible with 5etools.

hlmartin/js-sumo-logger 0

Sumo Logic JavaScript SDK for Logging

hlmartin/puppet-auditd 0

Manage the audit daemon and it's rules.

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