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Henrique Mattos henriquemattos Visual Works Heidelberg, Germany Solutions Architect and Cloud Developer, deploying on the web since 2005.

henriquemattos/cloud-basecamp 0

This sample is a skeleton Maven project of Web application archetype. #cloud-sample

henriquemattos/coding-interview-university 0

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.

henriquemattos/dspl 0

Schema and utilities for Google Dataset Publishing Language

henriquemattos/emailjs-tcp-socket 0

Shim for W3C TCPSocket API

henriquemattos/enterprise-messaging-client-nodejs-samples 0

Samples based on the NodeJS messaging client for Enterprise Messaging in SAP Cloud Platform

henriquemattos/gerrit-intellij-plugin 0

Gerrit Code Review Tool Integration for the IntelliJ Platform

henriquemattos/google-map-react 0

Google map library for react that allows rendering components as markers :tada:

henriquemattos/google-map-react-examples 0

Examples for google-map-react library.