Haynes haynesherway Charter Communications Charlotte, NC

haynesherway/haynesbot 3

A bot that does pokemon go related things

haynesherway/pogo 1

Pokemon Go functions

haynesherway/structs 1

Utilities for Go structs

haynesherway/filterlist 0

A helper for creating a flag with a list of strings

haynesherway/freetype 0

The Freetype font rasterizer in the Go programming language.

haynesherway/go-slackbot 0

Go module for building slackbot

haynesherway/odbc 0

odbc driver written in go

haynesherway/pngtable 0

Creates a png table based on input

haynesherway/pokemongo-game-master 0

Collection of decoded GAME_MASTER-protobuf files

haynesherway/pokemongo-json-pokedex 0

Transform the data from the Pokemon GO master files to a better readable & processable JSON file.