Richard Wesley hawkfish Effervescence Labs LLC Former mathematician working in several complex variables. Moved to software and worked on digital signal processing and high-speed data processing.

tableau/query-graphs 42

A visualizer for Tableau queries

hawkfish/duckdb 1

DuckDB is an embeddable SQL OLAP Database Management System

hawkfish/bakersgame 0

Python project to find solutions to the "Baker's Game" version of solitaire

hawkfish/effervescence 0

Effervescence is a system for modeling the decarbonisation of energy supplies.

hawkfish/node-packet-reader 0

Extend node-packet-reader to handle LE integers and > 1 byte headers

hawkfish/sqlancer 0

Detecting Logic Bugs in DBMS

hawkfish/sudoku 0

A Python project to solve Sudoku puzzles.