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hashar/alix 6

Awesome Life Improver under uniX, set of scripts I am using to save time

hashar/colors.js 1

get colors in your node.js console like what

hashar/gerritboard 1

Generate Gerrit dashboard from its JSON API

hashar/ 1

hashar/android-emulator-plugin 0

Android Emulator plugin for Jenkins

hashar/angry-caching-proxy 0

Make package downloads lightning fast!

hashar/arcanist 0

Command line interface for Phabricator

hashar/BugTender 0

mobile web app to manage Bugzilla from your phone

push eventhashar/git-gerritclone

Antoine Musso

commit sha 6edfde68719e461a8b08293ebadf400ffbc7fef7

Python 3 support

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