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apple/swift 55770

The Swift Programming Language

apple/llvm-project 360

The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. This fork is used to manage Apple’s stable releases of Clang as well as support the Swift project.

hamishknight/Pie-Chart-View 31

A simple UIView subclass that creates a pie chart

hamishknight/Callback-Closure-Chaining 5

A simple example of how callbacks can be chained in Swift

hamishknight/VU-Meter-Arc 5

Creates a simple arc with a set number of graduations

hamishknight/JSON-Fragment-Decoding 3

A JSONDecoder extension to allow decoding JSON fragments

hamishknight/Car-Sub-Image 1

Aligns a sub-image into a scaled down image in a UIImageView

hamishknight/Circle-Loader 1

A simple circle loading view

hamishknight/Circle-Pie-Animation 1

A simple circle pie animation in Core Animation

hamishknight/Fading-Trail-Path 1

A simple project for a Core Graphics rendered path that the user can draw and will then fade away.


started time in 6 days

fork lorentey/swift-collections

A package of production grade Swift data structures

fork in 16 days


started time in 16 days

fork lorentey/swift-collections-benchmark

A benchmarking tool for Swift Collection algorithms

fork in 16 days


started time in a month

fork lorentey/swift-argument-parser

Straightforward, type-safe argument parsing for Swift

fork in 2 months

fork lorentey/swift-system

Swift System provides idiomatic interfaces to system calls and low-level currency types.

fork in 3 months