Tim Carey-Smith halorgium Floating down a mountain either by ski or foot

halorgium/boo_hiss 21

heckle the second

atmos/flatirons 19

A merb 1.x app that's an openid provider, based on the rails example in ruby-openid

atmos/merb-openid-example 13

an example openid consumer application written in merb using merb-auth's openid stuff

atmos/dot_xen 12

parsing xen's .xen files for reading and writing

halorgium/archangel 11

Magic configuration for your nginx, mongrels and god!

carllerche/travis-rust-matrix 10

Example of how to configure a Rust crate for matrix builds on travis

atmos/hancock 9

An OpenID Provider with a simple API, written in Sinatra.

atmos/merb_hoptoad_notifier 7

A merb plugin for hoptoad notification

atmos/rack_hoptoad 7

middleware for posting exceptions to

atmos/integrity-irccat 6

IRC notifier for the Integrity continuous integration server

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Diaperbase is an inventory system for diaper banks, to aid them in tracking their inventory and providing statistics about their inventory flows.

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