Guillaume Jenkins guillaumejenkins Microsoft

dkiang/pxt-microbit 0

A Blocks / JavaScript code editor for the micro:bit built on Microsoft MakeCode

dlebu/taco-simulate 0

Module to support Cordova plugin simulation in TACO CLI.

dlebu/taco-simulate-server 0

Server module for Cordova plugin simulation in TACO CLI.

guillaumejenkins/electron-packager-plugin-non-proprietary-codecs-ffmpeg 0

Electron packager plugin that can be registered with the afterExtract hook that changes out the dynamically linked ffmpeg binaries that ship with electron with the prebuilt ffmpeg binaries that do not include proprietary codecs.

guillaumejenkins/ltc-npm-modulate 0

Node package for modulating audio signals for LtC

guillaumejenkins/pxt-arcade 0

Casual game editor based on Microsoft MakeCode

guillaumejenkins/pxt-motorbit 0

ElecFreaks MakeCode motor:bit package for micro:bit. Works with motor driver boards too.

guillaumejenkins/pxt-neopixel 0

A Neo-Pixel package for pxt-microbit

guillaumejenkins/Squirrel.Windows 0

An installation and update framework for Windows desktop apps