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Gourav Tiwari gouravtiwari San Jose, CA Agile web developer in pursuit of exploring technologies. Ruby, JS, AWS-cloud are few of them.

gouravtiwari/audit_rails 13

audits trails for crud and link tracking with analytics on charts

ankit8898/optimizely_server_side 6

Wrapper for providing optimizely-sdk server side experience in cached config way

gouravtiwari/beam 4

csv uploader gem to automate file upload process

gouravtiwari/bday-app 3

Playing with chrome extension, SailsJS, NodeJS and AngularJS

gouravtiwari/akamai-cloudlet-manager 2

A Ruby interface to simplify akamai-cloudlet updates

gouravtiwari/audit_rails_example 2

audit_rails example application

agile-organizer/Huddle-Skeleton---Base-- 1

Base repo for the huddle skeleton