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browserify/events 983

Node's event emitter for all engines.

GoogleChromeLabs/ 543 a quick way to determine the best build tool for your next web project, or if tooling migration is worth it, or how to adopt a tool's best practice into your existing configuration and code base.

browserify/rustify 495

Rust WebAssembly transform for Browserify

browserify/tinyify 392

a browserify plugin that runs various optimizations, so you don't have to install them all manually. makes your bundles tiny!

browserify/node-util 167

node.js util module as a module

browserify/common-shakeify 101

browserify tree shaking plugin using `common-shake`

davidmarkclements/d3-fg 11

Flamegraph visualization for d3 v5

genie-js/recage 11

Library for reading Age of Empires 2 Recorded Game files in Node.js

genie-js/genie-drs 7

Genie Engine (Age of Empires) .DRS file reader/writer in Node.js and the browser

genie-js/genie-explorer 6

Web application for viewing contents of Genie DRS archives.


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fork simonsan/talent-plan

open source training courses about distributed database and distributed systemes

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fork amilajack/infinite-scribbles

Simple handwritten notes web editor with infinite canvas. Made with graphics tablets in mind. 🚧 WIP 🚧

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fork amilajack/webgl-maps

WebGL map renderer written from scratch

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created repositoryninabreznik/network-map

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created repositorysandsmark/schiffbruch-because-lgtm-doesnt-like-forks

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created repositorydat-ecosystem/blog

archived datproject blog

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issue commentneon-bindings/neon

Better onboarding docs

@timetocode Did you figure out how to do state inside of neon modules? And I would be interested in the thread question as well. Can I just spin up Tokio and spawn some tasks without problems for example?


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fork fawaf/cobra

A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions

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created repositorymafintosh/autoname

Auto naming of objects for easier debugging

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PR opened browserify/insert-module-globals


Added copyright notice to LICENSE file

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PR opened browserify/timers-browserify


Removed license mention in for lib/node directory since it is no longer a part of this project.

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issue commentneon-bindings/neon

Feature request: Add "Weak" to go with "Root"

Thanks this is a good idea. I think it just needs docs on how it differs from an Arc weak. A different name might help.

I've also been brainstorming different ways to make cleaning up a Root<JsFunction> that will be used an indeterminate number of times less error prone.

One idea is a Auto<JsFunction> that either creates or holds a reference to an EventQueue for dropping.


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issue commenttransloadit/uppy

Uppy Companion - Expose Additional File MetaData For Google Drive & Other Providers

Hi! Sorry for leaving this hanging. This sounds like something we could utilize for restrictions at some point maybe, and useful metadata in general. If you are still interested, and if this is not a breaking change (sounds like it shouldn’t be), a PR would be very welcome!


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issue openedneon-bindings/neon

Feature request: Add "Weak" to go with "Root"

N-API supports weak references using a reference count of 0. Weak references can be useful for callbacks that may or may not occur (such as logging), and they also sidestep the need for cleanup that Root has.

impl<T: Object> Weak<T> {
  pub fn new<'a, C: Context<'a>>(cx: &mut C, value: &T) -> Self;
  pub fn to_inner<'a, C: Context<'a>>(&self, cx: &mut C) -> Option<Handle<'a, T>>;

I can't think of a real reason to go between Weak and Root without the intermediate Handle (since either way you need a Context), but that could be added too.

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issue closedtransloadit/uppy

How to bind file-remove enevnt to my custom button click enevnt

Hi How do I assign a file delete event to another button? I made my custom button and i want to remove selected file with this button. Thanks

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