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x/xerrors: fails to compile on tip hot 1
vendor/golang.org/x/xerrors/adaptor_go1_13.go:16:14: undefined: errors.Frame ... hot 1
cmd/go: `go clean <package>` downloads modules hot 1
cmd/cgo error: runtime: unknown pc 0x7fff5c805b86 hot 1
runtime: crash with "invalid pc-encoded table" hot 1
cmd/link: segmentation fault during mach-o linking hot 1
cmd/vet: potential false positive in the "suspect or" check hot 1
cmd/link: showing many ld warnings of "building for macOS, but linking in object file" hot 1
cmd/go: major version without preceding tag must be v0, not v1 - breaks build of github.com/go-check hot 1
runtime: macOS Sierra builders spinning hot 1
cmd/go: Problem using go modules hot 1
cmd/go: "unrecognized import path" for local packages after updating to go1.13 hot 1
cmd/go: "found, but does not contain package" error refers to replaced version instead of its replacement hot 1
cmd/go: 'go get repo@<commit>' succeeds when <commit> is the full hash of an unpublished commit hot 1
x/tools/gopls: format feature doesn't follow `goimports` hot 1

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