gkop/elastic-beanstalk-ruby 91

Better practices for running Ruby on Elastic Beanstalk using Amazon's AMI

gkop/bbase 5

Website of artist Berta Golahny

gkop/org-stalker 4

Aggregates the public activity of a Github organization and its members into a single, easy-to-stalk activity feed

gkop/beautiful-public-key 2

Find a beautiful public key

elbartostrikesagain/Pummel 1

Rails gem to loadtest your web app using capybara

gkop/blog 1

Product of Rails Getting Started Guide and substrate for experiments in Noisebridge Rails class

gkop/find_communities-ruby 1

Ruby implementation of Louvain community detection method

gkop/https-everywhere 1

The official Github mirror of the HTTPS Everywhere repository at You can send pull requests here.

gkop/active_job_status 0

Job status and batches for Active Job

gkop/barometer 0

A multi API consuming weather forecasting superstar.

pull request commentisaacs/node-glob

add CLI

Just wanted to let anybody else that visits this issue and is considering trying glob-cli2, that unfortunately it is extraordinary limited as it does not permit passing options to glob.


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issue commentterraform-providers/terraform-provider-aws

aws_db_parameter_group parameter updates not working

If you're blocked by this and are OK giving up ability to reset params, you might try 2.44, which worked for me. I found it by looking for the latest version that didn't include .


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Gabe Kopley

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Disable new user registrations

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