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Gary J. Murakami, Ph.D. gjmurakami-10gen MongoDB, Inc. New York, NY USA

acmorrow/bassoon 2

C++11 BSON codec library and tools

acmorrow/mongo-cxx-driver-test 0

Temporary independent repo for tests of the legacy mongo-cxx-driver repo

gjmurakami-10gen/Bolt 0

Bolt is a C++ template library optimized for GPUs. Bolt provides high-performance library implementations for common algorithms such as scan, reduce, transform, and sort.

gjmurakami-10gen/bson-ruby 0

Ruby Implementation of the BSON Specification (2.0.0+)

gjmurakami-10gen/congo 0

bikeshed for various utilities

gjmurakami-10gen/cookbook 0

MongoDB recipes.