orjail/orjail 82

a more secure way to force programs to exclusively use tor network

gibix/aom-rs 0

Rust bindings to libaom

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The Arduino Create Multi Platform Agent

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MQTT library for Arduino based on the Eclipse Paho projects

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Audio-Video Encoder

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barnard is a terminal-based client for the Mumble voice chat software

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The Rust package manager

issue openedvalyala/fasthttp

[Bug/Question] Client disconnection notifier on server

I would like to be notified when the connection has been closed by the client on a long running event.


func GetBigFile(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx) {

	go func () {
		select {
		case <-ctx.Done():
			fmt.Println("The client has disconnected, do something")

I wrote a small workaround with epool on the file descriptor to detect the closing event, but could be useful to have a convenient api for this.

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