David Davidović geomaster Belgrade, Serbia

geomaster/jaypack 10

A simple, crude utility to scan a hard disk surface and find/salvage JPEG files off of it

geomaster/beoprevoz 5

A public transport Firefox OS app

geomaster/wavalyzer 2

Small C++ utility for Fourier analysis and visualization of an audio signal

geomaster/mini-printf 1

Minimal printf() implementation for embedded projects.

geomaster/minix3-fat32 1

Fork of MINIX with implementation of a service providing basic read-only support for FAT32.

geomaster/Aurora3D 0

Aurora Game Engine is a game engine with graphics, physics and audio capabilities. UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT

geomaster/awesome-rnn 0

Recurrent Neural Network - A curated list of resources dedicated to RNN

geomaster/cargo 0

The Rust package manager

geomaster/ 0

Docopt for Rust (command line argument parser).